Animated cameras for in-game cinamatics

Cinematography is like dancing, each camera movement needs to flow eloquently into the next. The camera is an actor that has a part to be played. This part should abide by the rule of thirds, match on action, emphasize angles, and follow the 180 degree rule. The camera needs to show elements of the game in an artistic manor without confusing the audience.

  • Lone Echo

    Virtual Reality (VR) does not have cameras per se. The player’s head is the camera and you have limited ability to effect it. For Lone Echo I experimented with finding out if we could do camera shakes in VR and the answer was ‘Yes’ but it requires you to convert animations into only having translation with zero roll. I ended up doing that along with creating a systemic script that both me and the FX artist could use to call on camera shakes whenever needed. This was used most predominately during the Liv Trapped sequence when the Alien ship arrives. I timed out and added all the camera shakes in this sequence.

  • ps-experience-screenshot-2

    The Order 1886

    When working on a cinematic game like the Order 1886, you end up asking yourself, “How can you elevate gameplay cameras to feel cinematic and retain the responsiveness?”. Ultimately it turned out to be a great deal of iteration. Maintaining a rule of thirds, create additive camera animation based on player movements to achieve a Saving Private Ryan feel, utilize depth of field to immerse the gameplay experience, create systemic camera lenses and all the full screen effects that should come with it, create systemic suppression fire, as well as create systemic interacts (picking up objects, opening doors and mini-games (Tesla Device, Lock Pick and Knife Pry).

  • Atlantis Top Balconies — Ranged Minion Intro

    I did all the initial planning of the scene. I created the animatic in Maya and animated the camera. After an animator finished the minion and civilian animations, I then scripted and placed them in the level and worked to get everything synced exactly to the Maya previsualization.

  • Sparta — Lion Intro

    I animated the previs camera and then once the lion’s animations came online I polished the camera animation to match. I also worked with the designers to get the doors and aries supporter timed out correctly.

  • Sparta — Aries Temple

    I animated the camera and scripted all the level triggers (door opening, player control removed, triggered the dialog to play, etc). I also timed out the camera animation to the dialog.

  • Sunken Atlantis — Bridge Rise

    I animated the camera and the four sections of the bridge.