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I've had the pleasure...

About Me

I’ve had the pleasure of making games for 19 years, with a total of 15 games shipped to my credit.

I’m a strong believer that excellence comes from practice and revision — with each game shipped you learn something new that can be applied on your next endeavor.  Every time you revise something, it’s often better than your first attempt. The trick is recognizing when it is good enough, because typically you’ve have a zillion other things to do.

When I was very young I developed a turn based combat system for G.I. Joe, so that my two younger brothers and I could have structured play. No longer did we have arguments on who shot who.  We had learned the joy of letting fate decide by dice! Looking back I believe that was the first sign that I had a knack for design.

Then in high school, on a boring afternoon a friend and I invented the idea of taking the Ars Magica role playing game and turning it into a competitive wizard dueling game. The general concept was that you would have cards for spells and artifacts at your disposal as you attempted to kill each other. Approximately a week later I was in our local hobby store and overheard two other customers talking with intense passion, I could not restrain myself and had to ask, “What are you talking about?”.  They promptly grabbed a magazine from off the shelf and pointed to a small article, it described a new game by Richard Garfield called Magic the Gathering. I quickly sought the game out and soon after, hooked many of my friends and my two brothers. I was just a year late from inventing MTG! Granted we might never have come up with the whole collectible concept. From that point forward I was hooked playing collectible card games and tried out many. In wanting to learn more I ended up contacting some of the companies and became a playtester for Dune CCG, Guardians and A Game of Thrones CCGs.

After college my very first job in the industry was in online community development, which was a hybrid development/support job. I then moved into level design, which quickly transitioned into in-game cinematics.  I’ve always been a huge film buff and I have a passion for story telling (In the past, I have acted as a game master for many RPG sessions). During this time my boss, who had a film degree and a brilliant eye for camera work, tutored me for 3 years. While the process was grueling (as he was very picky), I learned many of my cinematography skills from him.

After moving down from Seattle to California I had an opportunity to work on the God of War series creating gameplay cameras. Initially doing gameplay cameras was a bit stressful as having part of the composition removed from your control is a frightful concept (camera target is based on the player)!  The close relationship gameplay cameras required with designers soon had me taking on more design roles. As we genre hopped from 3rd person action combat game into 3rd person cover based shooter for the Order 1886, I transitioned into doing some system design.

When we started working on the VR title Lone Echo, cameras where no longer applicable. How was I going to contribute? I was soon tasked with developing the dialogue and point of interest systems as well as experimenting just what could we do with the camera. For example, could we apply camera shakes/animations to the camera?

In my free time I love to play all types of games including computer, console, board, miniature/table top, collectible card and role playing. When I’m not playing games I enjoy Kendo, painting miniatures, watching movies, traveling, learning, having new experiences and spending time with my wife and two sons.