A closer look

The Devil is in the details...

God of War: Chains of Olympus

-Responsible for all gameplay cameras — constantly balancing the needs of design and art.
-Work with designers and back ground artists to make sure levels work hand in hand with gameplay cameras.
-Animate cameras for in-game cinematics along with scripting events to time out sequences of when animations and other events should play.
-Responsible for blocking out shots and animatics as needed for pre-rendered cinematics as well as in-game cinematics.
-Assist game director on tutorials and telling the overall story.
-Review cinematics, context sensitive sequences, and animations to make sure they work for the current scene.
-Extreme time management skills to see that all camera work is completed on time.
-Experiment and design new ways to push the existing camera tools to achieve game directors cinematic goals.
-Work with programmers to implement new features, address existing issues and to test new changes to make sure they behave as planned.
-Outstanding teamwork and coordination with fellow team members.

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